In the round-up: Pierre Gasly says his team mate did not respect Alpine’s instructions to them at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix when they collided.

In brief

“These things should not happen” – Gasly

Gasly laid the blame for his first lap collision with his team mate at Esteban Ocon’s feet.

“These things should not happen,” said Gasly, who was hit by his team mate at Portier on the first lap. “There was a clear instruction from the team on what to do and what we were supposed to do and this wasn’t respected.

“I’m just glad we managed to get out of it with only some front wing damage and a couple of things,” he told the official Formula 1 channel. “Luckily with the red flag we managed to repair but it shouldn’t happen.”

Ocon was given a five-place grid penalty for the next race for the collision. Gasly went on to score his first point of the season for finishing 10th.

“I’m very pleased and very relieved for the whole team, because we knew Monaco was a place where they will be an opportunity even if we struggled with the car since the start of the year,” said Gasly. “Monaco is quite special and we managed to seize the opportunity yesterday with that first Q3 and it was important to capitalise on that, and that’s what we did.

Ricciardo ‘pushed for two laps’ in grand prix

Daniel Ricciardo reckoned he was only able to drive flat-out for two laps in the Monaco Grand Prix. He spent much of the race stuck behind Fernando Alonso, who had to back off to help his team mate’s pit strategy at one stage.

“I looked at both Astons for really the whole race, but that’s no surprise, that’s how it is around here,” Ricciardo told the official F1 channel.

“I had two laps the whole race in clear air where I could push a little bit. They were enjoyable. The rest, there was a few with Alonso trying to obviously create something.

“So that was a little bit of fun, but not 70-something laps. That was, a little bit painful. So, not the Monaco I wanted, for sure.”

Williams strategy baffles Sargeant

Logan Sargeant admitted he was “not really sure” what his team’s strategy was for him in the Monaco Grand Prix. He was the only driver who did not switch to a different tyre compound while the race was suspended, forcing him to make a second pit stop later on.

“I have no idea about what actually went on behind the scenes,” he said after the race. “All I know is the struggle from inside the car.”

“I think with Alex [Albon] going on the hard, we probably should have split [strategies],” said Sargeant, who finished 15th. “It was a tricky race.

“Obviously being right stuck underneath Fernando and Danny for a long time, he was making a gap for Lance, I believe. And I just start to eat away at the tyres, and I really had nothing left on that hard tyre, the rear just completely degraded. From there I was just hanging on. Once I put the new tyre on it felt great.”

10-place grid drop for Duerksen

Joshua Duerksen will have a 10-place grid penalty for the next Formula 2 round as punishment for causing a collision with Zane Maloney. The AIX driver swerved into his rival as he left the pits late in the race, inadvertently triggering a Virtual Safety Car period which helped Zak O’Sullivan to victory.

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