Photo: Peter Baba

NBA legend Reggie Miller believes that Dallas Mavericks’ star Luka Doncic needs to cultivate a better relationship with referees by showing restraint on the court.

Despite his exceptional talent, Doncic’s tendency to argue with officials and accumulate technical fouls has been a point of concern.

Miller emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive rapport with referees to avoid unnecessary confrontations and potential repercussions during games. He suggested that Doncic’s behavior towards officials could impact the team’s success in the long run.

Reflecting on his own experiences as a player, Miller acknowledged the challenges of managing emotions on the court and the importance of building goodwill with officials.

He advised Doncic to exercise restraint and focus on building a positive relationship with referees to benefit the Mavericks’ overall performance.

“When [Luka Doncic] can play with restraint towards the officials, no one is going to touch Dallas… I wasn’t as bad as him, but I can relate. You’ve got to build up goodwill with these officials. If you motherf— them the whole year, they’re going to remember,” Miller said, via Ben Golliver.

Doncic’s on-court demeanor has been a topic of discussion throughout his career, with critics pointing to his frequent interactions with referees as a potential distraction for the team.


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