As fans know, Mike Tyson is out of the Jake Paul fight that was set for July. Tyson was advised by medical experts to withdraw from the fight due to the ulcer flare up episode he had a while back, and we will wait and see if the fight gets a new date. Plenty of people hope the fight, one they never wanted to see in the first place, will now quietly go away.

However, another man close to Tyson’s age has thrown his hat into the ring and has suggested he could step in and face Paul in July. All-time great Roy Jones, now aged 55, is the man, and though the once untouchable “Superman” is way faded and has been for years, Jones says he can get himself in shape and “jump on it.”

We were worried we might see 27 year old Paul embarrass an ageing legend of the sport in the fight with Tyson, and now there is a chance we could see Paul lay an embarrassing beating on Jones instead.

It remains to be seen if Paul is in agreement with regards to fighting Jones, and if the powers that be behind the promotion will accept the former pound-for-pound best in the sport as a substitute opponent. We fans of Jones, who remember him from his dazzling prime years, sincerely hope this fight does not happen. It would be awful to see Paul, a man who, let’s be honest, would not have laid a glove on the prime Jones, beat him up next month.

Jones says he thinks his fighting Paul is a “great idea.” But who out there agrees with the former multi-weight king?


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