Derek Chisora predicts that Oleksandr Usyk “is undoubtedly going to be targeting that cut”

World title contender Derek Chisora has shared the ring with both Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury, going 12 competitive rounds with the Ukrainian, and 32 mostly one-sided rounds with the Brit.

As such, the 40-year-old Zimbabwe-born Londoner is in prime position to predict how the two world heavyweight champions will approach the biggest fight of their careers on May 17 in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to Crypto Casino LTD, Chisora said, “I want the British man to win 100 percent, but if you’re a betting man you’d have to think: this is the cut he had against Otto Wallin and it’s going to come back again. I think Tyson is going to have to box on his back foot. But then again he might drop Usyk with an uppercut.

“The cut could play a big factor in the fight. Has that massive cut managed to properly heal? It can make sparring difficult, you’d be cautious to open it up again. It’s a predicament.

“While Usyk is doing everything the right way, is Tyson doing his camp at 85 percent of what he would have been doing before he got the cut? Only his close team will know. Usyk is undoubtedly going to be targeting that cut.”

Predictions for Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk


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