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Think about the NBA All Star Dunk contest, imagine witnessing that for a full season. Simply known as “Dunk City”, the 2013 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles literally soared and brought college basketball to new heights with their circus-like dunks each game.  

A true story of the underdog that couldn’t be stopped, the Eagles shocked the world after beating two teams that no one ever imagined they could beat. Their tournament debut was nothing short of spectacular. In an upset for the ages, the No. 15 Eagles stunned the basketball world by toppling the No. 2 Georgetown 78–68. The Dunk City magic didn’t stop there; with a convincing second-round win over No. 7 San Diego State, they became the first No. 15 to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

Throughout the season, the energy of this team was unmatched. There was no structure really, it was just go out, do you, and play, but play like a team. With a lot of iso and drop offs in the paint the eagles ‘13 team was not easy to keep up with. 

At the root of it all was walk-on, yeah I said it walk-on, who turned into a super freak athlete, Sherwood Brown. Who was named the A-Sun Player of the Year and continued to prove he was that guy in March Madness. Alongside Brown, a cast of electrifying players, like Bernard Thompson and Chase Fieler each contributing their unique skills, turned Dunk City into a show that was full of highlight reels. 

Beyond the wins and losses, Dunk City became a phenomenon. A nickname born out of their circus-like lobs and “highlight finishes”, “Dunk City” changed the name of Florida Gulf Coast Eagles men’s basketball.

Although the Eagles faced Florida, ending their magical run with a 62–50 loss. The season concluded with a 26–11 record, leaving an indelible mark on the history of FGCU basketball.

The “Dunk City” nickname will forever be something that fans can be reminded of. A time where undergods soared.

Photos via Getty Images.


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