The Pittsburgh Steelers committed to their identity of being a team that wanted to roll people in the 2024 NFL Draft, with three selections coming on the offensive line. That started with Troy Fautanu at No. 20 overall, and Fautanu is buying into the Steelers wanting to be bullies this season. Speaking to the media after OTAs this week, Fautanu said that Mike Tomlin told the offensive rookies that the Steelers want to be the most physical offense in the league, and Fautanu said that’s the team’s attitude as OTAs roll on.

“The first thing he did when we got here as rookies, he brought us in, everyone on offense, me and Mason [McCormick], Zach [Frazier] and Roman [Wilson], he took us in his office and put up a PowerPoint of, we want to be the most physical offense in the league,” Fautanu said via Post-Gazette Sports on YouTube. “So that’s the mindset, that’s the attitude. Hopefully we try to bring that every day, we got guys like Nate Herbig, he leads the squad, guys like him, man, he’s awesome.”

Not only are the three offensive linemen obviously physical, but Wilson’s “no block, no rock attitude” should fit in just fine in Pittsburgh and help contribute to that mindset of being the most physical team in the league. Arthur Smith’s offense is going to be run-heavy, so the Steelers need to be nasty and win up front with their physicality.

It’s old-school Steelers football, and the Steelers have always had their most success when they can lean on a strong run game. That should be the case again in 2024, and it’s good to see Fautanu and presumably the rest of the offense and the offensive rookies embracing the physical mindset.

It’s also interesting to hear Fautanu point to Nate Herbig as a leader, even if it doesn’t come as a surprise. Herbig is a high-energy guy, and even though he doesn’t start, he’s someone who can rally the troops and is another guy who isn’t afraid to be physical and knock someone to the ground over and over.

There’s no doubt it’s going to be fun to watch the Steelers this year if they can execute their plan and be as physical as they want to be. The mark of a good football team is one that can push its opponent around, and the Steelers’ investment into their offensive line should hopefully allow them to be one of those teams. Even in the ultra-physical AFC North, there’s nothing stopping the Steelers from being the most physical team and imposing their will if everyone goes in with that mindset.

Hopefully, the Steelers get back to their roots in 2024 and just bully their opponents up front. If they do, Fautanu will likely be a big part of it.


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