Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky is the latest pundit to take a shot at 40ers quarterback Brock Purdy.

During a segment Monday morning on “Get Up” Orlovsky told the panel, “If Jones was in San Francisco, he would be playing like Brock Purdy.”

San Francisco tight end George Kittle was asked about the comments during an interview with KNBR’s “Murph and Mac” Show on Tuesday morning.

“I saw that this morning. That’s disrespectful to Brock Purdy,” said Kittle. “I think Mac Jones is a fine quarterback. Currently what Brock’s doing, you look at his stats, just watch the tape. Just watch him move in the pocket, watch some of the throws he’s making. It’s phenomenal.”

Taking Kittle’s advice, let’s take a look at the tape of Purdy’s performance during the 49ers 42-10 win over Dallas on Sunday night.

First Quarter, 1st and 10 at Cowboys 19

This is a terrific example of what Brock Purdy adds to the 49ers offense.

Feeling pressure off the right side, the quarterback steps up and slides to his right to escape the pocket. Keeping his eyes downfield the entire time, Purdy sees George Kittle come open in the endzone and in stride delivers a perfect strike to the tight end for the 49ers first touchdown of the game.

Third Quarter, 1st and 15 at 49ers 20

On the opening possession of the second half we see an example of Purdy’s anticipation and ability to layer throws over an underneath defender.

Purdy recognizes the Cowboys rolling into cover two and knows the middle of the field behind Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch will be open. The quarterback gets the ball up and over the outstretched hand of Vander Esch hitting Brandon Aiyuk in stride for a gain of 23 yards.

Third Quarter, 3rd and 4 at 49ers 49

Purdy steps up into the pocket and delivers a strike to Brandon Aiyuk who is running a deep out.

This play shows a couple of things. First, it shows Purdy’s ability to step into the pocket and make a downfield throw outside the numbers. Second, is Purdy’s arm strength. If you look closely, you will notice Purdy isn’t able to step into this throw. He uses the rotation of his hips and shoulders to generate the power needed to get the ball to the receiver for a gain of 41 yards, but the play is called back due to a hold.

Third Quarter, 3rd and 14 at 49ers 39

The 49ers are running a Dagger concept. This has Jauan Jennings running a vertical route up the middle and Deebo Samuel running a deep in.

Purdy recognizes Dallas is in cover 2 requiring Leighton Vander Esch to carry Jennings deep down the middle. Purdy knows the deep in to Samuel is open and hits the receiver in stride for a gain of 42-yards.

What makes this play noteworthy is Purdy’s diagnose the coverage and get the ball out of his hand quickly. Notice how Purdy begins his throwing motion while Samuel is still running vertically at the Cowboys 48 and the receiver makes the catch in the middle of the field at the Cowboys 38. Dallas had no chance to stop this play.

Third Quarter, 3rd and 2 at Cowboys 10

Working off play action, Purdy show subtle pocket movement by sliding to his left away from pressure and drops the pass in to George Kittle for their third touchdown connection of the game.

Bonus Play

This throw from Purdy against the New York Giants needed to be included. It is a perfect example of what Kittle was referring to about Purdy.

Purdy quickly recognizes the Giants blitz. He buys himself time by quickly gaining depth and sliding to his left to get away from the rush. Still moving as Kittle comes open, Purdy plants his back foot and delivers a layered strike to his tight end for a gain of 15.


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