Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta admits he sees them winning the Premier League this season.

The Gunners go to Manchester United on Sunday top of the table.

Arteta said: “My brain always takes me to the place where we are lifting the Premier League. That is where my brain is at the moment. So I just follow my brain and my gut. This is how I feel and this is the way I want everybody to think and hopefully we can achieve it.

“We are in the journey to try to catch them. It makes you better always when someone challenges you to go further and further. The recent history of City has been of winning trophies. As an opponent they have been unbelievable over the last 15 years, but we want to change that. We are doing everything we can to improve [to challenge them] and are getting better and better. We have done very well this season and hope we can do the same [against Manchester United] on Sunday.

“Every game has a different context. We know our history [at Old Trafford] how we have done over there, so we are going to have to be at our best to win the game. We know what we need to do, but first we have to perform at a high level to deserve to win the match. That is where the focus is.”

“We have to focus and do what have to do to be in the best possible situation. That’s what we are doing. We have to think that it is going to work and we can be better than our opponent and beat them. The final outcome might be something else, but that is not in our control.”


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