Photo: USC Trojans/Twitter

As Bronny James gears up for the 2024 NBA Draft, he’s faced with a flurry workout invitations from various teams eager to assess his talents.

Despite the interest, LeBron James’ eldest son has opted to decline the majority of these invites, choosing to focus on just two teams—the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns.

According to reports from Shams Charania on FanDuel TV’s Run It Back, Bronny has received invitations from over 10 NBA teams but has decided to limit his visits to only a select few.

“Bronny James has over 10 workout invites… I’m told he’s only going to visit a couple of those, and that’s going to include the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns,” Charania said.

According to Charania, Bronny’s decision is going to come down to development plan and guaranteed money. His agent, Rich Paul, recently said that the has informed NBA teams that Bronny will not sign a two-way deal.


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