“Buster” Douglas doesn’t rate Joshua or Fury enough, but there is one current heavyweight he thinks could have beaten Mike Tyson

James “Buster” Douglas – most known for handing the legendary Mike Tyson his biggest upset and claiming the heavyweight championship in 1990 – has made some shocking claims.

Douglas claims that heavyweight Juggernauts Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury wouldn’t even break the top 30 heavyweights of all time.

Speaking exclusively to Gambling Zone, “Buster” Douglas, said, “I speak to my trainer about today’s heavyweights and he has a low opinion of them and says they [Fury and AJ] wouldn’t have been in the top 30 in my era, I have to agree. They have skills, but as far as endurance, I don’t know. They don’t seem to be able to withstand power and aggressiveness.”

Now 64, the former word champion from Ohio previewed a potential all-British showdown between the two, “Right now I think AJ beats Fury. It’s not that Fury is on the decline, he just no longer has that strength to withstand that force.

“Once you start putting your punches together, he tends to get weak as the fight goes on and his power levels start faltering.

“It’s a strong possibility that AJ would knock Fury out, I think he would. He would definitely take Fury out. It would not go the distance, AJ would knock him out.


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