Denys Bytchenko and Roman Pryshchepa led Ukraine exact sweet revenge in a captivating men’s final showdown against the United States in the 2024 WPV Sitting Volleyball Final Paralympics Qualifier, presented by Delin Company, with a scoreline of 3-0 (25-17, 32-30, 25-18) at the Dali International Olympic Sports Centre on Wednesday.

After suffering a narrow defeat to USA in the preliminary round, Bytchenko and Pryshchepa teamed up for the big comeback, helping their team clinch the men’s final ticket to the Paralympic Games in Paris, joining hosts France, Iran, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil and Germany.

The first set kicked off with both teams displaying an intense level of play, matching each other point for point. Ukraine managed to secure a slim lead of 12-10 early on, but USA fought back to narrow the gap to just one point. However, Ukraine’s determination and solid gameplay allowed them to maintain a two-point cushion, leading 14-12. With impeccable service pressure, Ukraine extended their lead to 19-13 and ultimately closed out the set with a score of 25-17.

In the second set, USA struggled to contend with Ukraine’s relentless offensive onslaught. Despite a strong effort to level the playing field, USA found themselves trailing as Ukraine surged ahead with a 4-1 lead. However, USA rallied back to tie the score at 5-all, showcasing their resilience. The set witnessed a back-and-forth exchange of powerful attacks, with both teams vying for control.

Bytchenko’s exceptional offensive strength propelled Ukraine forward, but USA managed to stage an impressive comeback, seizing the lead at 25-24. The set reached a nail-biting climax as both teams battled fiercely, with Ukraine ultimately prevailing 32-30, securing a 2-0 lead in the match.

Buoyed by their previous successes in the first two frames, Ukraine maintained their momentum in the third set, quickly establishing a commanding 7-2 lead. They continued to dominate the court, despite USA’s efforts to mount a comeback.

With a nine-point advantage at 17-8, Ukraine seemed poised for victory. Although USA showed flashes of brilliance, Ukraine’s solid defence and precise attacks proved too formidable to overcome. Pryshchepa decisive swing sealed Ukraine’s fate with a final score of 25-18, clinching the gold medal and securing the spot in the Paralympic Games.

Led by Roman Pryshchepa’s decisive swing, Ukraine sealed their fate with a final score of 25-18, clinching the gold medal and securing their spot in the Paralympic Games.


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