Beach paravolley development plans are firmly back on track after the pandemic severely sidelined World ParaVolley’s Sport Department’s programme of holding more international competitions.

After the 2019 WPV Beach World Series in Pingtan, China will once again host a WPV beach paravolley event in May 2024.

“This is a big reset for the emerging discipline of beach paravolley, standing 3-on-3 competition. We plan to increase visibility with new partners around the world, and develop our capacity with the help of some of the most experienced and well respected technical officials from the sport of beach volleyball. This is an important step towards the goal of making a successful application to include beach paravolley in the Brisbane 2032 Paralympic Games,” WPV Lori Okimura said.

The inaugural edition of the WPV Beach ParaVolley World Championships will be held in a beautiful riverside location in Yunyang in southwestern in Chongqing, serving as the centrepiece for the Chinese municipality’s ever-expanding sports event hosting portfolio.

Chongqing is the biggest city in the world with a population of more than 30 million people. It is a massive metropolis that combines an enthralling urban cityscape with traditional cultural elements. Having World ParaVolley’s biggest beach paravolley event in Chongqing puts the discipline and its athletes in the global spotlight.

“In partnership with China, this event will reactivate our plans to develop beach paravolley, in a wonderful location to bring Para athletes together from across the world,” WPV Sport Director Stephen Giugni said.

In World ParaVolley’s efforts towards inclusion of beach paravolley in the Paralympic Games programme, the conduct of big events like the Beach Paravolley World Championships, will jumpstart that process and provide an opportunity for standing Para athletes to showcase their skills at a global stage.

“China’s ability to host the first-ever World Championships in beach paravolley will be the starting point for getting this sport into the public’s awareness while also providing Para athletes a new opportunity for inclusiveness in a future worldwide sport,” WPV Assistant Sport Director for beach paravolley David Cox added.

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