Devin Haney feels that Ryan Garcia is an “alcoholic” with his crazy behavior, and he insists it won’t stop him from being prepared for their fight on April 20h.

WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) is already looking past Ryan towards a lucrative fight against Gervonta Davis that he and his father, Bill Haney, would like to make next.

That might be a problem for Haney, given that he’s rehydrating to 165 lbs. Tank would insist on Haney agreeing to a rehydration clause and possibly a catchweight. Devin isn’t going to agree to either of those things, so the chances are likely that the fight wont happen.

Haney Criticizes Garcia’s Pre-Fight Antics

“We know the Tank Davis fight is a super fight, and that’s a fight that I would like to make, but we got to see,” said Devin Haney on social media about wanting to fight Gervonta Davis next after his April 20th title defense against Ryan Garcia.

As long as Haney agrees to the weight stipulations and Tank’s purse demands, a fight between them can certainly happen.

“I don’t know what tactics he’s got and trying to draw people away from the fight,” Haney said about Ryan. “We’ve never seen no s*** like this ever. Talk about the fight,” said Haney about Ryan talking about non-boxing related stuff when interviewed or talking on social media.

“He talked about things that he barely even knows about. I know he’s an alcoholic. He drinks. That’s when he comes with all this bull s*** when he’s drunk,” said Devin.

Haney Remains Focused Despite Garcia’s Behavior

“Whatever Ryan is going to do. If he’s taking or not faking, that’s not going to change what I’m going to do to him regardless,” said Haney about whether he would receive credit from fans if he beats Ryan due to his erratic, unhinged behavior.

“He’s going to go in and do his game plan, whatever it is, regardless. He can do all the acting he wants, but that’s not going to stop me from preparing and being the best that I can be,” said Devin.

Haney Views Teofimo Lopez as a Tougher Challenge

“We’ve seen Teo at the top level. We haven’t seen Matias at that elite level,” said Haney when asked who would be the harder fight for him between Teofimo Lopez and Subriel Matias. “Just on top of my head, I would say Teo. He’s got the more experience.”



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