Dana White has shot down any and all talk of “rival” combat sports promoter Eddie Hearn beating him to it when it comes to hosting the very first combat sports event at the new Sphere arena in Las Vegas. There has been some suggestion that Katie Taylor could fight Amanda Serrano in a big rematch at The Sphere, but White has said no way, Hearn will not be the first fight promoter to have a show at The Sphere.

White has announced “the greatest live combat sports show anybody’s ever seen” for September, the UFC show to take place on Mexican Independence Day. That’s still some way away, and the Taylor-Serrano rematch was said to be close for June. But White is adamant he will be the promoter to host the very first fight card at The Sphere, not Hearn or anybody else.

“I love you Eddie Hearn. I consider him a friend. Ain’t happening. Sorry, Eddie. Love ya, buddy. You can go in The Sphere in October,” White wrote on social media.

So, while UFC fans look forward to the extravaganza White has teased for September, we boxing fans wonder where the Taylor-Serrano rematch will take place. Or might Taylor fight someone else instead? Chantelle Cameron has let her feelings be known on how disappointed she is that the rubber-match between her and Taylor will not be happening next. If it’s not Serrano or Cameron next for Taylor, who else could it be?

As for The Sphere, it promises to be great for both combat sports, boxing and MMA, when the stunning arena begins hosting fight cards. A glitzy addition to Vegas, The Sphere holds 18,600 fans and it cost a whopping $2.3billion to build. Maybe The Sphere will become THE place to go see a big fight in the near future. Oscar De La Hoya has expressed much interest in hosting a Golden Boy card at The Sphere, with De La Hoya calling the arena “out of this world.”


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