“He trusted the people who worked under him, so his assistant coach would deliver all the training sessions, his medical team would deliver all [their work]. He never interfered in anything that they did, did he? You never saw him in the medical room, in the gym. On the training pitch he allowed Steve McClaren or Kiddo [Brian Kidd] to deliver every session without interference.

“Now, you imagine two things: one, about the trust that that builds in your team, which is very rare. But secondly, when he actually spoke on matchday and he came alive, his words meant a lot. So these words were quite rare, in terms of inspirational words. I thought that was quite important. Some managers, they’re on the pitch every day and they’re coaching every day. And the only voice they [the players] hear is his. But he [Sir Alex] trusts his team completely.”


“He wasn’t up here and down there [in terms of his demands and emotions]. [There were] things that he said just regularly about work ethic, trusting each other, risk, you know, the tempo of your passing. Things that I remember. It was consistency over the 15 years of listening to his team talk.” 


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